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Update Date : 2020/5/2
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Title : GEARBOX NAS External Box (White)
Mark : Patriot
Model : NAS Storage
Degree : GEAR BOX
Detail :
Gear Box (White)    Download Product Specifications
The Patriot GearBox NAS adapter is a simple and cost effective solution for adding any USB storage device to your home network. GearBox easily connects to your LAN allowing users to share and access connected USB storage devices. GearBox offers a media server for UPNP capable devices such as Xbox360 and PlayStation 3, iTunes Server, a print server, P2P, FTP, email notifications and remote User Management. GearBox is compatible with Windows® Mac and Linux. Two USB 2.0 ports and a fast Ethernet 10/100Mbps connection make GearBox the best way to utilize USB storage devices and enable sharing media and files across your network.

Gear Box Drivers and Manual

Gear Box 1.3 Firmware Update

  • Mini Nas USB
  • 2 x USB 2.0 ports
  • Support for USB 2.0 flash
  • Support for USB 2.0 External storage
  • Print server functionality
  • 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet
  • P2P Torrent support
  • UPnP support
  • FTP support
  • Itune Server feature
  • Works with Windows 2000 / XP / Vista® / 7
  • 100% Tested

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Patriot Gear Box, USB Nas Device
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