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Update Date : 2020/5/2
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Mark : DFI
Model : P45
Degree : JR
Detail :
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  • DFI new technology “ABS” provides you a convenient way to optimize your own system.
  • Auto Upgrade profile
  • Auto Boost System AP file
  • User manual of Auto Boost System
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 32Bits ; Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 64Bits

    Please click here for update BIOS
  • JRP45E8500+DDRII 1066_OCProfile_812BIOS
  • Please refer to DDR II 1066 DRAM modules for ABS OverClocking Recommended Memory on the URL link.

  • In the world of motherboard, you could not own the advantages of specification, performance, and space at the same time. You had to exchange your desktop space for higher specification and performance, or you could save your space but endure poor performance. Here comes the rule-breaking LANParty JR P45-T2RS Micro-ATX motherboard, providing high performance with an amazingly compact size. Powered by LANParty's excellence in product research and development, the Micro-ATX LANParty JR series provides complete functions and ATX-like over-clock ability with the space-saving advantage. The compact sized LANParty JR P45-T2RS is best suit to the stylish HTPC chassis on the market with over 600MHz bus speed support in the Micro-ATX platform. Gigabit LAN, 8-channel high definition audio and RAID 5 support are just the basic equipment of all; LANParty JR P45-T2RS integrates over-clocking motherboard features including powerful "Genie BIOS" with abundant BIOS settings, BIOS backing up "CMOS Reloaded", and two-step easy over-clocking "ABS", guaranteeing a effortless breakthrough of your system performance limit.
    Intel P45 with ICH10R
    Supports Intel Core 2 Duo / Quad / Extreme processors
    Supports CrossFire X
    4-Phase Digital PWM
    LANParty adopts solid capacitors for the best stability.
    Realtek ALC885 for 8CH HD Audio
    Debug LED
    How to know system status when crash or unstable? With LANParty digit diagnosis LED, user can get system status information immediately.
    6 SATAII Ports with RAID Function
    Supports Intel SATAII with RAID 0/1/0+1/5 which intends to provide multiple H.D.D RAID function for enthusiastic users.
    Gigabit LAN by Marvell 8053
    Fluorescent Slot & Connectors
    We adopt fluorescent slots and connectors in all LANParty series. With installing UV light into PC case, LANParty motherboards become more stylish.
    Auto Boost System
    ABS is "two-step" over-clocking software. Simply install the software, reboot the computer, press to improve FSB frequency, and your CPU will be upgraded automatically! With ABS, you can enjoy the performance of the high-end CPU at the entry-level cost.
    Genie BIOS
    Genie BIOS is the best BIOS in the world. There are hundreds of setting of CPU, memory, FSB, multiple, and great voltage setting with the most intervals.
    CMOS Reloaded
    "CMOS Reloaded" helps you to backup or reload BIOS setting as text file under operation system. Wanna manage your OC records? Just try "CMOS Reloaded"
    2 PCIe x1, 2 PCI, 1 IDE
    12 USB 2.0 Ports
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