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Update Date : 2020/5/2
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Patriot Xporter Force Formatter v2.10
New tools force low level format for all patriot usb flash and flash memory  
Patriot Xporter Security Exclusive 2008 for F.E.G Co
patriot security for patriot usb flash exclusive for farayand engineering group 
Patriot USB Flash Utility (CD Version). by:FEG
Full Version of utility of patriot usb flash (only for Patriot memory) 
Patriot USB Flash Utility (Professional Version) for high Capacity. by:FEG
Support All of Model : 1/2/4/8/16/32GB on XT/Boost/ Razzo /Mini/SL/Express Series  
Make Partiotion on Patriot USB Flash Lite Edition
Making Partition for Professional User(Not Public Edition)  
Make Partiotion on Patriot USB Flash (Administrator)
This version only for Administrator (Must take a Permission from your vendor) 
Cruise U6 Utility 2011 (Professional Edition)
U6 Tools Exclusive for using on Cruise USB Flash Special for Cruise Products  
Patriot WIFI Driver
Patriot WIFI Driver For Window 98,Windows 2000, Windows XP , Windows Vista and Windows 7 
USB Flash Anti Virus 2010
USB flash Anti Virus / repair OS /Protect Autorun worms  
Interface Update 2010 for Patriot Box Office
Now support HDMI dual/ multi channel audio out, added language supports, Blu-Ray/ HDDVD ISO and minor. 
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