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Update Date : 2020/5/2
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Farayand Engineering Group

Farayand Engineering Group (F.E.G) Ltd, established in 1992, is one of the oldest and largest Distributors

of IT and Technology products in the Middle-East Reseller market.

We have grown our business significantly based upon professional customer service and consistency.

Our expert sales team have industry experience and knowledge of the lastest products. They have been

rewarded for their ability to provide the best quality service. We are proud to support world-class partners
such as Patriot Memory, Gainward (Graphic Card), Western Digital and DFI (Motherboard). Whatever your

technology needs, we are sure we can help. To see our full product range, or a full list of our partners / suppliers,

please check www.Farayand .

Are a leading provider of computer parts in middle east. We customize products and services
to satisfy a range of customer requirements. From server and workstation motherboards to
 high performance memories.

Our customers include large corporations and home consumers. Our understanding of the
 customers needs' has enabled us to effectively and efficiently deliver world-class products
and services that keep our customers coming back.

Farayand global strategy is to be the premier provider of products and services, including
 those that customers require to build their information-technology and Internet infrastructures.

F.E.G Dep

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